Attending the Blueprint for Smart Cities Report

This morning engaged in the launch of the Blueprint for Smart Cities report, hosted in the House of Lords. Organised by Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE, Citiesabc, Big Innovation Centre, Durham University, University of Surrey, and World Smart Cities Forum, with HRH Princess Katarina de Silva, this report sets out in detail the 8 key factors in delivering Smart Cities. These key factors are: Innovation & Technology; People & Human Resources; Wellness, Health, Education & Liveability; Financial Funding; Leadership & Governance; Business Professional ESR; Circular Economy; and Energy Net Neutrality. 

There are currently 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that have been adopted by UN Member States since 2015. SDGs provide a blueprint of how can we build a better and more sustainable future. These goals will have a significant global impact, particularly as the urban population grows and the pace of technological and societal advancements increases. Living in such highly dense cities is a new phenomenon for humankind, bringing about opportunities and tensions, such as economic growth while maintaning low carbon emissions.

This event has brought together some leading figures we work closely with in sustainability and innovation –  such as Mr. Dinis Guarda, Peter Chun, Prof. Yu Xiong, and Prof Kieran Fernandes to discuss the exciting prospects of smart cities. Smarter cities will inspire business innovation as well as deliver greater energy efficiency for a cleaner, safer and greener planet. 

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