Celebrating Innovation at the Connected City Conference

Unifi.id is honoured to have had the opportunity to speak at the World Smart Cities Forum (WSCF) virtual booth at the Connected Cities Conference, as part of the StartmeupHK Festival 2020.

Sponsored by the companies the likes of KPMG, Siemens, and Wilson Group, the conference is an opportunity to discuss how smart technology can be adopted to help solve problems within cities and amplify city resources to benefit communities and citizens.

At the WSCF’s virtual booth Unifi.id will be among speakers such as Dinis Guarda (Citiesabc), Aspendyar Karkaria (Altair), and Anna Luisa Schaffgotsch (Impli Limited) to discuss how buildings and cities can utilise technology to be smarter for both the safety and comfort of their inhabitants but also to achieve net-zero targets.

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