Automated Student Attendance & Fire Evacuation

Using passive UHF RFID to seamlessly monitor individual movements in real-time, create automated location-based alerts, report and analyse data and account for individuals in an emergency.



Our client was experiencing real difficulties in accurately measuring student attendance.

Students were constantly forgetting to sign into lectures or unable to sign in via an online digital service.

This resulted in difficulties for students and the university to capture and demonstrate minimum attendance levels for academic progress and compliance with Tier 4 visa rules. 

They also wanted to improve safety measures for students and staff members during fire drills and evacuations.

The solution had to be reliable, easy to install and use, as well as unobtrusive to the occupant’s daily lives. 

The Solution

Automatically and seamlessly monitors student attendance.

Helps meet duty-of-care obligations for students and visitors

98%+ detection rates

Battery-free, long-range, RFID technology built into ID cards or lanyards, that allow for accurate detection up to 8m.

RFID sensors installed at each building’s key entry and exit points including the doorways of stairwells on all floors.

Enable safer evacuations of students and visitors in emergency situations

Enables compliance with UK visa and immigration rules.


Weekly, monthly and termly reports deliver attendance by student and/or module, providing actionable insights and early warning indicators.

Alerts can also be sent to students based on their attendance status, and can trigger any necessary pastoral care process.

  • Improvement in student attendance detection rates (over 98% captured).
  • Dramatic reduction in administrative time to process attendance.
  • Greatly improved speed in provision of attendance reports.
  • Locations were updated within 2 seconds, from detection to display.
  • 100% of participant fire evacuation journeys were captured.
  • 97.6% of all detection opportunities were captured.
  • 22x more data collected than necessary for sufficient evacuation.

Benefits’s unique platform allows automatic, seamless capture of teachers and students, giving teachers early warning indicators. 

School Management ensure an efficient evacuation of all students, with indication of which areas and students to prioritise. 

School reception team can identify security breaches and unauthorised access points through real-time notifications. 

School receptionists and teachers with access to Live View on tablets can effectively monitor children on concern to prevent escalation.

Real-time monitoring of students and staff in all building locations and floors, with locations updated from detection to display in as little as 2 second. 

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