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Exe Valley Federation

Brampford Speke Primary & Sandford Primary

The Exe Valley Federation consists of 6 schools, 2 of which upgraded to Quantum electric heater. We carried out our detailed, free audits at both sites.

As a collective, both schools were paying £40,100 per annum on their heating bills alone.

After conversion to Quantum electric heaters, their heating bills were reduced to only £26,065. This meant they benefited from a saving of £14,035 on their annual heating costs.

The cost for upgrading totalled £55,500, which covered purchase, installation and removal of all old heating systems, as well as a 10 year warranty.

By leasing out the new heaters, the school was able to fund the project with their savings rather than paying upfront with their Capital.


You can save up to as high as 45% on your building’s yearly heating costs

During times of low demand, our heaters efficiently store energy and converts it into heat only when necessary.

Enhance the comfort of your occupants by ensuring temperature is optimally maintained

Lease our lights over a 3-8 year period without paying an upfront fee – save money now and later

With heaters that adapt to your heating patterns and climate conditions, you can unwind and relish your ideal room temperature.

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