LED Lighting

Avoiding the need for an upfront cost, our LED lighting campaign will pay for itself through
the huge savings gained from reduced energy bills, allowing you to upgrade and save straight away.

The Blue Kite Academy Trust


The Blue Kite Academy Trust of 11 primary schools, 5 of which upgraded to our LED Lighting. We carried out our detailed, free audits at all 5 sites.

As a collective, these 5 schools were paying £83,964 per annum on their lighting bills alone.

After conversion to our LED lights, their lighting bills were reduced to only £36,925. Meaning a saving of £47,039 on their annual lighting costs.

The schools decided to take out a lease on the purchase and install of 1,405 new LED lights, which cost a total of £114,202.

Under our available leasing plan, our clients can use their annual savings to pay off their purchase and installation fees; yearly savings of £47,039 for three years would cover a purchase and installation cost of £114,202 in under 3 years, without paying a penny upfront.


You can save up to as high as 70% on your building’s yearly lighting costs

Cut your carbon emissions by 50-70%, reducing your building’s carbon footprint

Experience brighter and better lit rooms and hallways throughout your buildings

Lease our lights over a 3-8 year period without paying an upfront fee – save money now and later

Benefit from improved occupant comfort levels and improved health and safety during fire evacuations

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