Looking to the Future: ‘New Economy, Meet New City’ Event

Unifi.id had the privilege to showcase and present at the ‘New Economy, Meet New City’ event in partnership with the Greater London Authority and Royal Albert Docks.

This event brought together leaders and innovators within technology to tackle the growing question of the ‘New Economy’, and how sectors like AI, FinTech, and automation impacts current cities and the cities of the future.

We were given the opportunity to be one of five leading companies to speak to business leaders, policymakers, and the public to demonstrate our innovation in the Automated Building Intelligence (ABI) sector.

Making cities smarter is a large part of the drive towards sustainability and the push for net-zero.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, 70% of sustainable development goals can be advanced through smarter, greener technologies.

The world is dynamically changing, and these changes call for optimised technologies that can deliver accurate results, particularly for sustainability.

As automation reshapes the working world and the city as we know it, Unifi.id aims to be at the forefront of assuring efficient and sustainable technologies for smart buildings.