How It Works

The chip will be embedded in your Bank’s cards which will act as the detection platform to trigger communications both to customers and to staff.

For the Bank to create a consortium of proprietary offers through partner channels, exclusively for your Bank’s clients. In this case, the chip and additional ID on the card will enable you to accumulate information on customer behavior and reward them for this. This will enable you to turn your Bank card into a collaborative, loyalty card delivering redemption and savings for your clients.


Right Person, Right Time, Right Place


Powered sensors installed discreetly at key entry locations.

We deliver custom advertising based on which customers are detected in the branch, enhancing existing marketing and CRM systems.

Users access real-time data and analytics, and configure alerts, on any modern device.

Cards are clearly detected from a sensor, from where the ID, location and time are sent to our platform.

Data is collected in real-time, with user profiles and messages triggered by rules to any mobile device.

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