Unifi.id Attends the TLA & Interxion 5G Group Launch at City Hall

We are thrilled to have had the exclusive opportunity to attend the 5G Group Launch organised by Tech London Advocates (TLA) and Interxion. This launch provided information on the latest updates and development plans within the 5G sector. Not only that, but we were privileged to have the opportunity to hear from and liaise with leading industry experts, such as TLA founder Russ Shaw, surrounding the subject of 5G, a hot topic of technology.

With global revenue potentially equalling $13.2 trillion and 22.3 million jobs being created by 2035, 5G is both a lucrative and exciting technology premise for the future economy. Not only that, but the integration of 5G networks presents unique challenges for building management. High-rise buildings in particular suffer from poor connectivity, due to a mixture of building materials and height restricting signals from reaching phones on higher floors. That means that as connectivity speeds continue to rise with new 5G technologies, some building users may find themselves at a disadvantage.

Despite these setbacks, 5G technologies are a huge asset for integration into the Internet of Things (IoT) and its technologies. With so many Building Management Systems (BMS) moving to cloud-based servers, and decentralisation becoming an integral part of automation’s future, 5G’s enhanced connectivity is directly impacting companies’ BMS.

This is why programmes like the 5G Group are so essential, and why Unifi.id is honoured to have been at the launch.