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Smart Buildings



Our Applications

FM Optimisation

We provide actionable floor management data. Avoid greenwashing with accurate ESG reporting.

Safety & Evacuation

During a disaster, occupancy data is provided to emergency services to aid in evacuation, ensuring customer and employee safety


By using real-time occupancy data, identify and monitor any unauthorised access, creating a safe and secure environment. 


 Receptionists are provided with occupancy insights, allowing a more personable experience with enhanced customer satisfaction.


We collaborate with other technology companies to create smarter & more advanced solutions, automating everything.

Accelerating Decarbonisation

Benefit from reduced energy costs and an improved carbon footprint through our efficient LED lighting, heating and/or solar panels.




We all have a duty to look after the planet we live on. Companies in particular must achieve their ESG objectives. There is no time for lip service.

Making buildings more sustainable and efficient, whilst reducing overall costs and enhancing safety must be your priority.

Analytics and data insights are vital to build a structure to attain your ESG targets and avoid greenwashing. Unifi.id provides meshed data sets to give you insights into your occupancy levels, allowing you to monitor your carbon emissions, and make adjustments for temperature or humidity changes.

Diligent monitoring is the best method to make sure you hit your targets and maintain them.

Time moves quickly, let’s not waste it.