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We provide technological solutions that help businesses identify customers or employees, make real-time decisions, automatically communicate targeted information or actionable insight to a customer, employee, or system process via our patented proximity technologies and software platform.


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Smart Buildings

The performance of most buildings is still not actively monitored, let alone optimised. With the installation of connected technology Unifi.id aims to improve security, achieve higher level of duty of care and create opportunities for cost savings. Monitor your environment in real-time with our tailored solutions for commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

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Unifi.id provides academic institutions with the capability to deal with their varied and complex needs, from security solutions and employee/member/student reporting functionality to personalised entry authorisation and synchronicity between decentralised premises.

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Given the growth of online intermediaries, unprecedented customer choice, and the proliferation of competitors such as AirBnB, the hospitality industry is getting more and more competitive.

It is imperative for hotels to find innovative solutions to protect their customer base and install loyalty within it. Thus, harnessing the potential of customer data to provide personalised, targeted marketing is more important than ever.

Typical environments include hotels, VIP & airport lounges and high-end stores with personal shoppers.

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Members Clubs

We provide real-time detection of every card carrying member and use this data to deliver unprecedented support for your staff to build greater engagement and loyalty.

Our unique, patented engagement solution complements existing CRM and access systems through real-time detection and automated communication protocols using industry standard APIs.

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For the Bank to create a consortium of proprietary offers through partner channels, exclusively for your Bank’s clients. In this case, the chip and additional ID on the card will enable you to accumulate information on customer behavior and reward them for this.

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For high streets, towns, local authorities or national ID cards, unifi.id offers a combined solution that reduces the number of cards necessary for authorities to implement localised citizen ID-card based access schemes.

These schemes enable access to libraries, sports and other public facilities and help small businesses grow and thrive by taking part in localised, shared loyalty schemes. Unifi.id ID-cards enables multi-level functionality that delivers greater levels of efficiencies.

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