Private Members Clubs

Using passive UHF RFID to seamlessly monitor individual movements in real-time, create automated location-based alerts, report and analyse data and account for individuals in an emergency. 


One of London’s leading Private Members Clubs was seeking a solution to improve member experience and to have faster and more efficient member and guest sign-in, especially during peak evening periods.

The client also wanted a better understanding of the number of people in the club, so that staffing could be better planned by time of day and day of week.

The solution had to be reliable, easy to install and run, and unobtrusive to members.

The Solution customised its solution for this Private Members Club. designed, tested a Dual Tech ID card incorporating 1 proximity antenna and’s unique long-range UHF antenna.

Integrations were completed with the client’s membership system.

The system was installed and tested by, along with the client and their membership systems partner.

5000 Dual Tech cards were sourced and co-manufactured by, printed and distributed to members by the client’s membership team. 

Detections from this passive (battery-free) ID card include both short-range tap-ins and long-range (10 metres) RFID detections, which are captured via sensors and reported via’s Live View System. 

For long-range detection, each member’s presence is captured as they pass sensors located in the reception area.

Members and guests are also captured by anonymous camera counting.

The long-range RFID sensors and Cameras are connected by LAN and Wi-Fi to a gateway, which processes the data and sends it to a private cloud service.’s Cloud Platform provides the client with a Live View of detections, allows for the set-up of custom rules for alerts and provides analytical reports for the Club Management via a BI tool interface.


  • One ID card for members provides security access and detection.
  • Cameras count members, staff and guests (minus member detections = guest count).
  • 100% of members and their guests are detected as they enter and exit the club.
  • Live View of counts and member presence are up-dated in real-time from detection to display.

Benefits’s unique platform allows automatic, seamless capture of members and guests without downloading external apps.

Managers and members can receive custom alerts during emergency events, indicating where to prioritise in evacuation. 

Club Managers can operate under enhanced security, with unauthorised access events alerted to security team in real-time.

Club receptionists and Staff with access to Live View can make informed decisions based on arrival detections e.g. VIP arrival, meet and greet. 

Real-time monitoring of employees in all building locations and floors, with locations updated from detection to display in as little as 2 second. 

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