Attending The Hong Kong Business Update had the pleasure of attending the annual Hong Kong Business Update, hosted by Standard Chartered Bank. We were privileged to listen to a number of fascinating keynote speakers, as they explored the subjects surrounding business within the country currently.

From political protests to relations with China and the Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong is a dynamic environment of change.

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and, despite its small size, hosts 355 buildings over 150m tall.

With its small geographical size, the country has the opportunity to become a beacon of how dense cities can achieve sustainability.

Enabling just a fraction of these buildings to be smarter and greener could significantly cut the country’s carbon emissions, which currently sits at just over 40 million tonnes. has a great interest in Hong Kong, and we’re eager to be one of the key companies in delivering change to power consumption.

In the years to come, we’re keen to establish ourselves within Hong Kong to help implement technology to target net-zero within the country.