Unifi.id Features in FM Business Daily

Unifi.id is honoured to have been given the opportunity to feature as a guest writer for FM Business Daily, one of the leading publications in the Facilities Management (FM) sector. 

Read our feature: ‘Go Green or Your Bottom Line is Red’.

FM Business Daily is dedicated to telling the newest and most exciting stories from the FM sector, and we are thrilled that we have been able to feature on their platform to discuss the struggles that this sector is facing and how Unifi.id can help. 

Facilities Management has its finger on the pulse of commercial real estate, an industry that is facing a unique challenge currently. Workspaces no longer operate in pre-pandemic, head-down cubicle style. Hybrid and co-working are rapidly on the rise as a result of Covid-19 and employees’ desires for a stronger work-life balance. 

Similarly, there is more pressure than ever for buildings to make sustainability the number one priority. As a side-effect of reduced building occupancy, companies are seeing energy wastage increase and costs rise. 

Unifi.id is committed to helping FM teams manage their building occupancy, supplying the tools to collect real-time data to significantly cut costs and enable buildings to hit net-zero targets.

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